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On Metta

I have been marinating in metta so much lately, as I prepare for the mini-training/webinar that I'm leading FOR FREE next week.

If you are interested in adding a bit more LOVE to the equation that is your life, you can sign up here.

This poem emerged out of my reflections on metta.


On Metta

love me

love me

love me

says the crowd

wandering emptily, weaving through the night,

drunk on false advertisement.

Each one is a vacuum of lies,

promises to the self, broken.

Each one, hungry,

waits for their soul to return.

But their bellies are too full from all the pudding, the blintzes, the tinny jingles

of stringing themselves along

Too much immediate gratification

for any of that love to drop in.


craving is a poison

it turns the insides to black,

it spoils the meat of the soul and hardens the heart of the world.

When did it become ok with you

to become

that empty handed beggar

desperate to be seen?

Go back to that painful moment and take a different path.

And how now, you ask?

Get in there with that wanting,

give yourself back to yourself

open yourself to the craving beneath the craving.

Let that water soak you through

let the knife of that craving cut the armor off

feel the pain of that wanting,

let it absolve you.

You have done nothing wrong,

but what you have done has put you here.

Do something different.

want your own wanting

drink your own poison

breathe in your own longing.

Stop passing the buck.

Trust yourself.

You will find your way into the well within

The metta well

where the holy water runs clear and deep

and become the source

that moistens the dry cracked hands

of your own beggar’s heart

and fills the tank

that fuels the world.


If in ANY way you feel you might be stringing yourself along...

if in ANY way you feel ready to create more LOVE for yourself this season... and beyond... love that will extend out beyond you interminably

...then SIGN UP for the mini-training/webinar, here. It's going to be stupendous.

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