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 I was introduced to Yoga as a child, as my mother practiced (and practices!) regularly in my midst. I found my own relationship with yoga as a teen, and was initially certified as an instructor in 1997. My first decade or so of practice and study were primarily in the Iyengar tradition, and from those roots in precise anatomical alignment and therapeutics I branched out into the more flowing vinyasa style. I now primarily teach what I would call a deep, slow flow with attention to alignment. Beyond Iyengar, my primary influences have been Anusara and Prajna schools of Yoga. My main teachers of asana have been Laurie Broderick-Burr, Kofi Busia, Sianna Sherman, and Tias Little


 Like my mom, I have spent many years meditating, primarily guided by the Zen approach of Cheri Huber. Zen and other Buddhist teachings were formative for me. I was also strongly influenced by the philosophy teachings of Douglas Brooks and Christopher Hareesh Wallis. As a Marriage Family Therapist, I am constantly curious about how change truly happens, and have thus studied, researched, and written about how those philosophies apply to the therapeutic relationship, and how Westerners can utilize them to initiate healing and insight. In Yoga classes, I bring these teachings to my students in my own whimsical way.


In addition to teaching throughout the Bay Area, I have led dozens of retreats, both locally and internationally. I have also taught yoga philosophy, advanced asana and yoga therapeutics modules, for Anusara Trainings, for the BAYoga Program, and for the Mount Madonna Teacher Training Program. In addition to being a Yoga Instructor and Bodyworker, I am a Marriage Family Therapist with a somatic approach. The study of Shaivism, Buddhism, and Classical Yoga Philosophy has shaped my therapy practice. 


Despite all this rather intense study, I remain mostly amused by the life experience.   While all of this study doesn't hurt, I really believe that any success I've in this field comes largely from connectedness to spirit and dedication to being real. I strive to connect with people, see their strengths, and inspire them to find their inner knowing.