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Unconditional Self-Love instructions. Because the sky is super, super big.

THE SKY is super, super big. The universe is vast and open. But humans can sometimes get endlessly lost in this life, on terrible orbital pathways, circling around the same ickiness. What to do about that? Metta. Metta is a practice of unconditional self-love. Metta is a re-set; it's a way of shifting the mind immediately and completely. The practice of Metta can take a human off a dismal trajectory and give them access to all of space again. You can do it in seated meditation, or in restorative yoga, or in the car, or in the board meeting, or in the midst of what is about to become a nasty fight. And watch the magic happen! Metta is a formula for how to meet our most difficult emotions; fear, anxiety, angst, and those states that we cannot even name, because we have gone numb, or covered something up with some other neurotic pattern. Metta is a practice of unconditional self-love, and included in that practice, eventually, is the realization that there is no self/other dichotomy, when we are in that vastness. So Metta also gives us access to acceptance of the world as it is, and a way to send compassion out to all beings, in the midst of whatever they might be going through. Metta a paradox. A good one. We think that being activists, knowing what is good in the world and what is really wrong, is fundamental to who we are, and the only way that we can effect any change. But in fact we just get paralyzed by wanting things to be different. When we release our endless prattle about what is wrong with us, and wrong with our partners, and our jobs, and our government, and our world, and shift our attention back to Metta, which gives us access to spaciousness, then our energy is freed up to actually move through the world connected to the ground of being, or grace, or whatever you want to call it. And from that place we are actually capable of action. This begins to solve a basic conundrum; how, if we believe that present moment awareness is all there is, do we set goals, or new year's resolutions? Through Metta.


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