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Are you committed to being of service to others in your work? Do you want to be in a work environment with dharma teachings at the core of what is being offered to the world?

DharmaBridge is hiring! We offer online, dharma-based, group and private coaching programs to people who want to put spiritual practice at the center of their lives and live into open-eyed, full-hearted possibility. 

We are taking applications for various positions on a small team. All positions are remote, part-time, contractor positions that both require and allow for applicants to have a flexible schedule, including the availability to occasionally work on weekends, especially during program and event launches. The number of weekly hours will vary with the ebb and flow of business operations. All team members will have the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to the evolution and future direction of the business. Benefits include optional, complimentary enrollment in all paid online programming.

To apply, please email your resume and cover letter to with the subject line: Job Application 2022. In your cover letter, include which position(s) you are applying for. You are welcome to apply for as many positions as you like.


Accepted applicants will have an initial interview with an existing team member and may be asked to illustrate particular skills either during or after the interview.


Qualified applicants will have a final interview with Kelly. Job offers will be made, most likely, in early August. with on-the-job training commencing in mid-August.

Online Business Manager and Creative Content

This person would work very closely with Kelly in implementing programming for DharmaBridge, Writing from the Depths, Retreats, and other events. You must be a creative, detail, and solutions-oriented self-starter with a great deal of common sense and willingness.


Must have the following skills and experience: copywriting & editing, team & project management, understanding of marketing, sales, and delivery in the field of online coaching programs, advanced ability with technical systems, enthusiasm for technical problem-solving and research with the willingness to learn new platforms and troubleshoot issues, willingness to communicate with Kelly and team members verbally over the Voxer app. Pluses: Experience with the platforms listed below. Platforms currently used: Infusionsoft, Leadpages, Thinkific, Zoom, Asana, Vcita, Voxer, Jotform, Typeform, AdobeSign, Google Products (Drive, Slides, Docs, Sheets, Gmail), etc.


  • Coordinate launches, programs, and ongoing tasks

  • Calendar tracking and project management

  • Delegate and explain tasks to team members in Asana and/or Voxer

  • Keeps track of details such as bonuses, discounts, expiration dates, customer needs, etc.

  • Curriculum Brainstorming and Program Development

  • Support with copywriting and editing

  • Graphics Support and Design in Canva and Photoshop

  • Help with tasks such as content, configuration, and file management across platforms

  • Attend weekly team meetings


Starting pay for this position: $30-$40 per hour depending on experience

Estimated hours: 10 - 30 hrs/week

Platform Administrator

This person is an absolutely core component of the DharmaBridge team. You would facilitate clear communication with students through the design of sales pages, order forms, and automated marketing campaigns, and platform integrations.


You must have experience in developing and managing online systems for coaches with a strong understanding of Infusionsoft (campaigns, e-commerce, referral partners, contact record management, etc.) and how to build Leadpages, as well as the willingness to learn, build, and configure across a variety of other platforms. You must be willing to communicate with Kelly and other team members verbally over the Voxer app. Pluses: Copy editing skill, experience communicating effectively with the design of both graphic and text elements (have an eye for layout and aesthetics).


  • Build and Configure in Infusionsoft

  • Build and Configure in Leadpages

  • Graphics Support and Design in Canva and Photoshop

  • Additional Platforms: Thinkific, Vcita, Google Products, Zoom, Asana, Voxer, Jotform, Typeform, Zapier, Wix, Wordpress, etc.

  • Proofread content for errors prior to publication

  • Provide technical support to team as needed

  • Attend a weekly team meeting


Starting pay for this position: $25-$35 per hour depending on experience

Estimated hours: 10 - 20 hrs/week

Enrollment and Customer Service Manager

Do you feel passionate about supporting people to live into their vision?


This person would hold the vision of DharmaBridge, helping people put spiritual practice in the center of their lives, so they can invent and live into possibility.

LotusLight (1).png

You would be available daily to direct and respond to emails received by the business, providing technical and program customer service support. You would convey the vision of DharmaBridge to potential new clients throughout sales cycles and manage the sales team during program launches by facilitating trainings, tracking appointments, hosting enrollment calls, and overseeing prospect follow up. Must learn, understand, and configure the sales, orders, and invoicing systems within Infusionsoft, appointment scheduling within Vcita, and enrollment tracking in Google Sheets. Must have writing skills and sales experience, high level of competence with Google Sheets, and a willingness to communicate with Kelly and other team members verbally over the Voxer app. 


  • Receive, forward, and respond to emails

  • Provide customer service including billing, collections, scheduling, technical support, and follow-up.

  • Keep track of things like bonuses, discounts, expiration dates, customer needs, and follow-up.

  • Manage and direct the sales team and facilitate enrollment consultation scheduling

  • Manage, track, and facilitate client scheduling related to program participation

  • Set up and track program enrollment and participation in Google Sheets

  • Attend a weekly team meeting


Starting pay for this position: $25-$35 per hour depending on experience

Estimated hours: 6 - 24 hrs/week

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