Some traditions say that the very nature of consciousness is infinite freedom.

Some say we are always at choice.

Whether this is true or not, it's clear that

our lives are shaped by our daily choices.

It's up to each one of us to make our choices consciously and well. 

There are a few ingredients that are essential to choosing well. 













We have to step back into spaciousness now and again so that we can find our vision. Once we touch back into spaciousness, we can see the awaken-ness that we already are.​ Once we're there, we can find our VISION - our insight into the truth of who we are and the beauty of life experience (in all of its complexity) returns. Upon its return, we awaken to deeper layers of willingness to change - both creating what we desire for our own lives and also in dedicating ourselves to service towards others. 


Sangha means spiritual community. We need our siblings on the path around us.  In isolation, we don't do so well. We need collaboration, reflection, accountability, and support. We are immensely social creatures. There are liabilities to this reality, and great advantages. If the arc of our lives is to bend towards liberation, we need to give ourselves the advantage of a strong sangha - a strong tribe of sisters, turning towards awakening. 


We need the teachings, the discipline, and the practices that show the way. These teachings and methodologies have supported and carried people towards freedom for eternities. We needn't re-invent the wheel. We will be more creative if we rest upon the discipline of practices from the wisdom traditions.


Soma is a greek word that means body. I use it here to refer to the wisdom of the body, and the state of aliveness that the body lives in when it is given proper attention. When we bring attention to our bodies, and our habits around how we think about our bodies and how we treat our bodies, all sorts of truths arise, and while that process of excavation can be difficult at times, it is our only hope if we wish to restore ourselves to wholeness.



Spaciousness is actually our truest nature - we just don't have great habits around creating it. And strangely, the habit we most need is to recognize our true nature when we see it. To this end, we will begin to use ritual to craft this experience of recognition. We will explore what rituals we do have that are working for us, and then we will cultivate them so that we become more conscious of the support that those rituals are offering us. Taking this practice further, we will begin to work with deeper support from our spiritual traditions to ensure that our rituals serve us in our evolution.


There is an interesting section of the Yoga Sutras, where Patanjali lays out a formula for the behaviors which are most likely to heal our interpersonal relationships and carry us towards freedom. It's not a complicated formula - but a hard one to put into action. The following sutra - basically says - OR , if that doesn't work, just try pranayama. That's right. Pranayama. Breathwork. So practicing Breathwork -in an easy, accessible way -  will be a component of this program. 


 Listening is the foundation of sound communication. Listening to our own inner voices, listening to each other, is a fundamental skill in the process of waking up. We'll work on this with each other and apply it to the grand experiment that is life.


Faith is a tricky concept. In the Judeo-Christian tradition, faith is kind of a 'placeholder'. We are encouraged to have faith when we do not believe, when we are lost, when we are disconnected. This can be valuable - in the sense that hope can be valuable. But it also needs to be investigated - because if we live in a place of leaning on faith and hope then we can err on the side of departing too readily from the present moment. Spiritual bypass is a real phenomenon and a real risk. The concept of faith in Sanskrit is very different. The sanskrit word ‘shraddha’, which is translated as faith, actually more literally means ‘where you put your heart.’ So in this program we will practice becoming more conscious of where we put our hearts - thus awakening to the reality of our lives - with all of the beautiful broken-ness that they contain - and softening into a deeper faith of loving what we truly love.



This whole practice is about living in remembrance of our truest nature. So we’ll use all the tools and skills and technologies and methodologies above to bring us back to a deep knowing our our deep interconnectedness with the life force, with the unseen world, with the ground of being, with essence nature, with Ashé, with God, whatever you want to call it! This whole process is about remembrance. 


Everything you see has its roots in the unseen world. The forms may change, yet the essence remains the same.” ~ Rumi



This program is called a BRIDGE

because it will LEAD YOU 

from where you are to where need to BE.

When you get there, you'll realize you already had everything you need.

But having taken the journey was important. 

DharmaBridge will Grow You.

You will step into a different level of leadership in your life, in your relationships, in your career. You will find you make decisions more easily, more cleanly. When you have breakdowns, you will have the tools to come back to center, because you will know that place intimately.

Good things are coming. 





  • 3 LIVE calls per month with teaching, group sharing and QA (Tuesdays at 10:30am PST; if you cannot be live every day there will be a replay.)

  • Private Membership Site with resources and notes from each call

  • Monthly 'dharma talk' videos, plus yoga asana and meditation practices to accompany the content of the teachings

  • Private FB community for support and reflection 

  • 2 Options: DharmaBridge Lotus  and Dharma Bridge Diamond; Lotuses receive one-on-one coaching each trimester with Karen Jonsson, Diamonds receive one-on-one sessions with Kelly.  

  • Everyone will receive two initial intake sessions, one with Kelly (30 min), the other with Karen, and two sessions at the close of DharmaBridge, to give you closure and to launch you into your next chapter. 

  • Lifetime access to the course materials

  • Additional program discounts on other offerings from Kelly Blaser during the program.