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Getting unhooked: Conscious Communication Day 15 with Cheri Huber

Sent Friday, April 15, 2016

 Cheri Huber


  • What Ego-centric Karmic Conditioning means, and what it means to get dis-identified

  • Why people get caught in suffering, and turn towards information in their heads rather than being at one with life

  • The most efficacious technique for getting un-hooked: Recording and Listening


Conscious Communication Day 14 with AnneMarie Shrouder and David Essel

  • Sent Thursday, April 14, 2016

  • AnneMarie Shrouder

  • How unconscious biases can affect our decisions about who others are

  • How to create a safe space for exploring unconscious assumptions so that our revelations create more intimacy

  • Techniques for understanding the power dynamics in partnerships and how they impact our relating


David Essel


·      The importance of shattering the myth of positive thinking, in all arenas of life, from success, to athletic performance, to relationship

·      David’s approach to helping couples heal from affairs

·      David’s understanding of the course each partner must take in re-initiate a relationship after an affair

·      The importance of figuring out the origin of our own unconscious patterns of self-sabotage


Seeing beyond the Horizon of isms: Conscious Communication Day 13

Sent Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Rita Shimmin


  • What “multi-dimensional consciousness” means

  • How the ability to hold more than one reality simultaneously is relevant to loving ourselves and others

  • Understanding the intersections of healing from both personal and social oppression, and how this healing empowers us

  • What Rita means when she says that our “core issue” will determine whether or not we have power and confidence to impact our world


Janet Hardy

  • The importance of consciously choosing one's lifestyle, whether monogamous our otherwise

  • What the spiritual challenges are of an ethical non-monogamous relationship 

  • What the polyamory community has learned about empowering oneself to take responsibility for one's own jealousy

  • How community can form in a polyamorous community 


Conscious Communication Day 12 with Heidi Sormaz and Lisa Danylchuck

Sent Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Heidi Sormaz


·       How to use meditation practice to get to know yourself in the midst of the most intense, raw emotions

·       How to create deeper empathy through embodied metta practice

·       The importance of forgiveness practice

·       How meditation practice helps us to learn to take responsibility for oneself and clear up co-dependent manipulation


Lisa Danylchuk

·      Understanding the relationship between past trauma and attachment styles

·      How to understand different kinds of trauma, recognize how trauma may be re-triggered by intimate relationship, and how to respond skillfully

·      How to navigate moments when one partner is really activated and the other is shut down


Raw Truth: Conscious Communication Day 11 with Desirée Rumbaugh and Ashley Turner

Sent Monday, April 11, 2016

Desiree Rumbaugh

Find out:

·       How to let go of bad habits from prior relationships and move mindfully through new dynamics

·       How to keep relationships from getting sabotaged by past traumas

·       How to practice mindfulness in relationship


Ashley Turner


·      The value of Shadow work

·      How to be aware of the tendency towards spiritual by-pass and the importance of being present for the curriculum of life

·      How to understand ourselves and our partners based on the chakra system

·      How to see our partners as mirrors


Conscious Communication Summit Day 10 with Laura Cornell and Lee Holden

Sent Friday, April 8, 2016

Laura Cornell

·      Understanding what the divine feminine means, contrasted with the divine masculine

·      The importance of rituals – and even Sabbath – in creating conscious connectedness

·      How to process righteous anger and allow it to be a clarifying force

Lee Holden


·      What taoist sexual energy is, and how it differs from regular sexual energy

·      How to circulate Jing Qi (sexual energy) through the Microcosmic Orbit

·      How sexual energy enhances life force energy and vitality

·      How you can transform sexual energy into spiritual insight


Going into the Maw: Conscious Communication about Sex

Sent Thursday, April 7, 2016

Kate McCombs

Find out:

·       What empathy has to do with sex

·       The platinum rule of sexual intimacy

·       How to distinguish between empathy and projection

·       The importance of being capable of receiving feedback about what one’s partner wants and does not want during sex and not taking it personally


Justin Patrick Pierce


·      How the evolution of a 3rd stage practice can impact patterns of emotional neediness in relationships

·      • How is this work helpful for women who tend to over-work, and then have trouble getting out of their heads, and into their sensual experience of their bodies?

·      • How can sexual trauma be transmuted or attended to using this model?


Conscious Communication Summit Day 8 with Ashleigh Sergeant and Jennifer Prugh

Sent Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Jennifer Prugh


·      How to apply the Yamas and the Niyamas to relationship

·      How to nurture your domestic realm when you are a person, like Jennifer, who is typically pulled out by the world “I want to eat the world” – Jennifer Prugh

·      How to be in a constant state of inquiry into what is truly important and re-commit over and over to the good

 Ashleigh Sergeant:


  •  The beauty of perceiving life as an invitation to awakening

  • The polarity between revealing grace and concealing grace and how that manifests in relationships as remembering and forgetting our completeness

  •  What entering into relationship with a specific form of the Shakti  (especially Saraswati - the power of refined communication) can do for us in our coupling with other humans

  • The importance of being in witness consciousness space


Conscious Communication Summit Day 7 with Christopher Wallis and Janet Stone

Sent Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Christopher Wallis


·      What Classical Tantra means; and it’s relationship to the Buddhist Tantra

·      The roots of the branch that Hareesh studies, Shaiva Tantra

·      Why Classical Tantra was mis-interpreted as a sexual tradition

·      Why it’s important to harmonize the contrasting polarities of Shiva and Shakti – pure awareness and flowing energy -- and how to do it

·      Understanding the 5 acts of Shiva and how understanding life through this lens can clarify how we fluctuate between concealment and revelation

·      The distinction between thinking “you create your own reality” and “you create your own experience of reality.”


Janet Stone:

Find out:

  • The importance of recognizing that our conditioned internal dialogue is "darting towards the list of lack"

  • How to generate a sense of ‘enoughness’ by stepping into relationship with Lakshmi and committing to the ritual of practice

  • Janet’s understanding of the importance of gratitude practice, and that practice supports our intimate relationships

  • Janet’s take on the Yoga of Being a Mom



Conscious Communication Summit Day 6 with Arielle Ford and Nikki Myers

Sent Monday, April 4, 2016

Nikki Myers


·      The wisdom of being ‘content to see a mountain as a mountain, and not as a comment on one’s life.’

·      The freedom that comes when we release our attachment to the image of a relationship and come into relationship with the truth

·      Nikki’s understanding of samskaras as discovered through her recovery from addiction

·      The gift of yoga as the gift of the capacity to pause and recognize what we are in service to on a moment to moment basis


Arielle Ford

·      The purpose of a soulmate relationships in drawing up childhood wounds

·      How to know when you are in the right relationship

·      What Arielle means by ‘wabi-sabi’ love, and how to find beauty in imperfection through grokking impermanence

·      How to create code language with your partner when sub-personalities arise



Conscious Communication Summit Day 5 with Cat McCarthy and Judith Hanson Lasater

Sent Friday, April 1, 2016

Judith Hanson Lasater


·      How to cultivate the practice of empathy through the art of guessing

·      The value of being willing to understand someone’s humanity, independent of agreement

·      What true communication is about: not what I say, but what you hear

·      Looking with soft eyes and listening with a soft heart

·      Spiritual practice of watching the ego dance and practice of self-empathy

·      How to invite all parts of oneself into the tent of one’s being

·      Transcending the spiritual pitfall of trying to transcend

·      What is Marshall Rosenburg’s duck index approach to joyous living?


Cat McCarthy

Find out:

·      Cat’s view on the pillars of honest communication

·      How to use changes in our languaging – how we express ourselves – to create deep inner transformation

·      The importance of listening to feelings and needs

·      How to get curious about what is alive within yourself

·      What to do about righteous anger? How to express it without triggering defensiveness?


Conscious Communication Summit Day 4 with Jack Canfield and Sarah Medlicott

Sent Thursday, March 31, 2016

Sarah Medlicott

Find out:

·       How couples can engage with the 3rd entity to help them through tough times in their relationships

·       How to foster love & connection in any partnership through the 5 elements of communication

·       How to embody the element of water to create an ambiance of curiosity in your relationship and learn to speak our truth

·       How to understand anger as being from the fire element, which clears the earth element and can bring us more deeply into integrity with each other


Jack Canfield


·      How to simultaneously accept the world as it is and create change, through high intention, low attachment

·      What approaching death teaches us about life and the value of relationships

·      How to raise children to be risk-takers and to be capable of deep intimacy

·      The value of allowing people to have their feelings through reflective listening



Conscious Communication Summit Day 3 with Terry Real and Stan Tatkin

Sent Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Terry Real


·      How Terry works with couples who are on Marital Death’s Door

·      How the psychodynamic of patriarchy can impact any relationship (not just heterosexual) 

·      How traditional male conditioning (which women are also subject to) leads to breakdown in emotional connectedness and therefore sabotages sex

·      How women can “help their guy win” by  “daring to rock the boat”

·      The shame-grandiosity spectrum and how men and women tend to be conditioned along these lines


Stan Tatkin


·      What parts of the brain are activated when we are in empathy? Does the brain behave in the same way with empathy states as it does when we are in a meditative state?

·      Neuro-biologically, is self-soothing the same as soothing another person?

·      How to create a couple-bubble



Conscious Communication Summit Day 2 with Sianna Sherman and Sally Kempton

Sent Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Sianna Sherman:

Find out:

·      What it looks like to do shadow work with our partner

·      How to fully apply the teachings of Durga and find the courage to speak our truth

·      Understanding how to respond skillfully when your partner withdraws


Sally Kempton

Find out:

·      How to connect with one’s partner by shifting attention to the underlying awareness that we each are

·      How to stay in remembrance of our "not two-ness"

·       Undercover ritual: Sally’s technique for returning to an intrinsically loving place prior to entering into communication.


Conscious Communication Summit Day 1 with Scott Blossom and Seane Corn

Sent Monday, March 28, 2016

Seane Corn

Find out:

·      How to understand the phenomena of projection

·      How to do one’s inner work so as to come to our relationships differently

·      How to understand cultural differences and how our perception is often shaped by cultural conditioning

·      How to observe our desire for transformation (in ourselves and others) in such a way as to ensure it does not get hijacked by ego-centric karmic conditioning.


Scott Blossom:

Find out:

·       How to find the willingness to expose ourselves fully in our relationships

·       How to apply shunyata -- emptiness/openness to our relationship

·       What 'functional silence' means and the merit of keeping our sub-personalities to ourselves

·       How to keep ourselves humble and shimmering at once by doing alchemical work within

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