and for all of us
None of us IS free until all of us are free.
We are in this

and become empowered 

HOW do DHARMABRIDGE and PSYCHOTHERAPY support the QUEST? read on...

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About Kelly Blaser

Kelly Blaser is the founder of DharmaBridge and a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist with an emphasis in Buddhism, Shaiva and Shakta Tantra, and Somatic Psychology. Her background in feminist movements and Latin American Studies and her experience living in Central America opened her up to the extent that our inner struggles are reflective of systemic structures that promote domination and disassociation.
 Her work is to help others experience the infinite compassion beneath the chaos of life and to remind them of their true nature. Her programs and courses focus largely on the power of applying the dharma to one's relationship with oneself and others. She helps people train themselves in meditation, mindfulness practices, and compassionate self-inquiry, so they can gain freedom from conditioned mind and open up to possibility.
 I am you and you are me and we are we and we are all together.
- John and Paul

about this work

Some of us are on a journey of sorts, back to the primordial awake-ness of the deepest Self.
We are participating together in a process of finding our way back to steadiness, to peace, to balance, to our already-awakeness.
When we do it unconsciously, alone, it is fuzzy. Drunken. Isolating. Overwhelming.
Often, life seems to be coming on too strong, and we get spun in too many different directions.
Conditioned mind is the culprit. Either our own, or the collective's. It doesn't matter. Circumstances are distinct, and certainly some people are more perpetrators of conditioning's peril, while others are more victims of it. But regardless of role - perpetrator, victim, or martyr -  conditioning is always at the root of confusion, ignorance, greed, aggression, and craving, and until it is understood, systems will be rooted in the culture of dominance. 
If we can embrace the work, and gather up our willingness, we can begin to turn the tide of entropy, and paint a portal into transformation for ourselves and all people. If we can root ourselves into the wisdom of our teachers, and turn our faces towards the light of awareness, we will taste freedom. Liberation is infinitely sweet, and the byproduct is equity, balance, and interconnection.
FREEDOM is very much about reweaving our understanding of the intersection between the Self and the whole, and then, through that re-building of trust in the deepest Self, re-defining ourselves.  Audre Lorde wrote "If I didn't define myself, I would be crunched into other people's fantasies of me and eaten alive."
When we get clarity around how society and systems have conditioned us all to maintain ignorance and separation, and when we find the willingness to upend the colonization of the mind by all forces that separate us, we are on the journey. Then, it's about being willing to do the work of paying attention, caring for oneself, being honest, and being seen... We all have a role in peeling back conditioning, and in creating new conditions, that support healing, equity, and liberation for all.  
I do this work to support people on the path, who have figured out the only thing I'm sure of - it's an inside job, and yet, it's almost impossible to do this work alone. 
We need each other.
We need a mirror.

There is a place within each of us that is already awake, already free.

But our freedom eludes us, because the pressures of outer forces and the barrage of inner voices can be deafening. Sorting out the pressures of our own inner narratives from the pressures and stressors of life is confusing. Building the road back to Center is the most radical work we can do. 

This work is radical because it frees us, and this freedom is the foundation of any support we can offer others. Simultaneously, we build our capacity to do this work by engaging with the struggles of others, and doing so from a sense of solidarity rather than any presumption or even the illusion of generosity, which insists upon separateness. 


This work is about wading into the place behind our pain and our stuckness, to find the Center where we are already free, where we have always been free. With this work we find fresh eyes, that see freedom everywhere, for everyone. Our engagement in the world is then a natural outgrowth of that seeing into the possibility of freedom, and we are committed, as if guided by a sacred inner vow, to take action to care for ourselves and the world.

DHARMABRIDGE is a group program designed to draw us all gently and towards freedom through radical self-acceptance.


WORK PRIVATELY with Kelly either in person or on-line, via Skype.