Kelly Blaser will be speaking on cultivating endurance on the spiritual path and as activists.

She will discuss the importance of understanding ourselves, as a foundation of endurance. Learn about the tantric concept of the malas, Through understanding the malas we can learn to see into our own blind spots and see through our own patterns of shutting down.


Kelly will join an extraordinary lineup of top teachers, including:

  • Seane Corn

  • Deva Premal

  • Judith Hanson Lasater

  • Dianne Bondy

  • Anodea Judith

  • Amy Weintraub

  • Sierra Bender

  • Jovinna Chan

  • Priti Robyn Ross

  • Amy Ippoliti

  • And more!

In these inspirational interviews, you will:

  • Draw on the power and vibrancy of women coming together to raise our collective vibration and elevate our communal courage

  • Call forth the most powerful force on the planet ~ LOVE ~ to heal our troubled world

  • Step up as an innovative leader in this new era, one moved by fierce compassion

The summit is available through purchasing the moon pass.