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June 10, 2020

While current events have at times felt uplifting, they can also be extremely re-traumatizing for the black community, and therefore, for my family, as my partner and kids are black.

My 9-year-old somehow found the video of George Floyd's death while he was homeschooli...

February 3, 2019

Right after Mary Oliver died, I spent time poring over her words, as you may have, as well. And something about that poignancy of reading her in the immediate wake of her last breath created in me a veritable flood of words. For 4 or 5 days I was in a soup of language,...

October 31, 2018

You may know that Halloween evolved from the fall pagan festival of blessing the harvest, Samhain, and the opportunity to honor what we have brought forth from this earthly realm.  The Halloween tradition of putting on masks is only a small step beyond the original co...

October 9, 2018

Today marks the beginning of Navaratri.

While this 9 night festival is celebrated differently in different parts of India, it is widely considered to be a time to celebrate the triumph of dharma over adharma. Navaratri is a time to honor Duga, in her many forms, and it...

August 24, 2018

A friend just sent me a compelling article about trauma in the classroom. When a child has experienced deep traumas, s/he will often present as tough, guarded, or hostile. However, behaviors that communicate anger or bravado could be guarding a thinly-veiled state of p...

January 17, 2017

I taught a workshop today on Restorative Yoga and Meditation. I teach this sort of thing because I believe pretty unequivocally that spiritual practice is the core of the inner evolution that will lead to social justice, peace, and environmental protection.

We disc...

November 15, 2016

Today's little message from me to myself.

Focus on the solution, not the problem.

No matter what your life is presenting to you at this moment, remember what the buddha taught:

The mind is the forerunner of all things. 
With our thoughts, we make the world.

Remember what t...

August 5, 2016

I did a call with my beloved dharmacampers just now on deciding to be happy,  the nature of reality and the role that projection plays in sculpting reality (and our capacity to decide to be happy). 

I wanted to post some of the quotes here that I read to them,...

January 3, 2016


The year 2016 has sprung into being, and it will, in a blink, cease to be. As all things, it is impermanent. We relish one moment at a time. This is all there is. To be with this unfolding, moment by moment, with peace within ourselves, is the greatest possible gift....

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